What happens during our Tests

4 junio, 2019

Have you seen a student queuing to receive their test? Have you seen students asking their parents permission to get extra homework? This is exactly what we have encountered when we have tested our VR games in schools. So far we have tested the VR experience with over 500 students and the response we have had is a really impressing engagement. Although we have been testing in schools since 2016 and have been in different contexts across the country, the students’ motivation towards our games hasn’t decreased. Normally when we get to a school we ask the principal for permission to test the games with the students. In some schools, the principal will ask the students to bring a signed permission to their parents to test the game. In a normal school we would have around 20 students during our first day of testing, on the second day on the other hand, the number of students increase dramatically. The students that have tested the game spread the voice about what they have been doing and this means other students will put pressure on their parents to sign the permission. It is also common that the principal , who normally would have gave us permission for one or two testing sessions will ask us to stay longer so all the students who now have their permission can test the game. Is really the children’s motivation what allow us to overcome the initial barriers that adults can put in respect of technology.