Utopic Studio from Chile to the world…

4 junio, 2019

Utopic Studio, a Chilean startup is helping teachers and schools to make classroom learning more engaging by converting traditional educational curriculum to virtual reality video games.

One of the major problems with kids that we see at schools is their engagement and motivation to learn. While, the same kids show high motivation and engagement while playing video games with their parents or when they are at home. So, our goal is to bring this engagement to classroom by merging the traditional classrooms teaching methods with virtual reality gaming that would drive more engagement and motivation to learn amongst the students.

Utopic Studio has an online subscription-based platform that provide an easily downloadable and customizable Virtual reality games library for the PreK-12 segment. It includes an online learning management system, transformation of school´s curriculum to virtual reality, a pre-packaged suite of ever-growing virtual reality games library that are built in collaboration with renowned publishers, training sessions for teachers for easy adaptability and an activity tracker to track the learning activities of the students in virtual environment.


Margarita tells —– “We have tested the technology with over 500 students and each time a noticeable improvement in engagement and student’s learning motivation has seen to be increased by over 97%. When tested for evaluation purpose, the kids who learned in VR environment scored 45% more than the students who learned using traditional methods.”

CEO Pedro tells ——“Publishers love the VR technology and the impact that it can make in improving the learning capabilities of children. Our co-creation program with Vincent Vivens (one of the largest publishers for K-12 curriculum) is just one example of how publishers are now embracing VR technology for education.”

The company has recently raised angel investment from Chilean government, UNICEF and New York Ed tech program. The Chilean company said that the funds are being used towards sales and marketing for increasing it user base for the online subscription service.